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Al-Nakba 73rd Memorial Anniversary

Plant A Tree of Return Campaign

April 30, 2021

Dear Friends,

In commemoration of the 73rd  anniversary of the ethnic cleansing “Al- Nakbah”, where more than 700,000 Palestinians were displaced and forced out of their homes and lands to become refugees in surrounding countries in addition to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Shaikh Hasan Foundation for Culture and Science (SHFCS) is launching a campaign to commemorate this tragedy by planting trees in demolished villages and neighborhoods in pre 1948 Palestine.

73 years ago, the world witnessed the largest mass eviction process in the history of mankind at the time by Israeli occupying forces and Zionist militant groups that ended up in the 1948 war.

Palestinians commemorate Al-Nakba Day on the 15th of May each year since 1948 and have suffered and are still suffering mass injustices that deprived them of their basic human rights that were affirmed in UN resolutions including their right of return.  This year, and as part of our foundation’s programs to uphold the Palestinian narrative and preserve Palestinian culture and heritage, the Palestine Memorial House, the SHFCS has initiated its global “Plant a Tree of Return” Campaign which aims to plant Olive, Carob, and Pine trees in the 630 villages which were destroyed, burned or leveled to the ground.

The campaign aims to affirm Palestinians’ commitment to their Homeland and its destroyed villages and encourages the young generation to hold on to their right of return by a symbolic act such as planting trees in their villages.

We call upon all peace, justice, and freedom-loving friends around the world in general and Palestinians living in the diaspora because of Al-Nakba in specific to be part of this campaign and help us plant trees in the destroyed villages.

Your cooperation and support will help us stand against the continuous process of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by the Israeli apartheid state.

For donations, please use this link:

In solidarity,


Amal Wahdan


Shaikh Hasan Foundation for Culture & Science

Cell/WhatsApp: +972 59 706 1775

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