Plant a Tree in Palestine Campaign

الأرض أرضنا والوطن وطنا

(This land is ours and it is our Homeland)

Campaign Topic: Plant a Tree to Protect Our Homeland

A kind Arab greeting,
Because our battle with the original enemy and the proxy revolves around the land and since the Zionists established their first agricultural settlement in 1878 on the lands of the village of Malbas near the city of Jaffa, the bride of the Mediterranean and the leader of its agricultural renaissance for centuries, we launched a campaign of confrontation with the occupier to preserve and defend the land against the Zionist soldiers and the settlers’ flocks under the slogan:

#Resist!     Planting a tree is life!     Plant a tree in your name#

Accordingly, we call on all our people as well as those who love us, Arabs and Muslims everywhere, to adopt this slogan and participate with us in the cultivation of olive, almond, carob and pine trees in all Palestinian lands, especially those threatened with confiscation and blocked by the apartheid wall.

In order to save Palestinian land against the encroachment of the occupier, we invite you to participate with us by planting 800 dunums in the following mountains and plains of the villages in Tulkarm District::
Deir al-Ghusun, Atil, Zita, Baqa al-Sharqiya, Nazlet Issa, Qafin, Kafr al-Labd, Barta’a, Jaroshih, Shweikah, Rtah, Pharaoh, Jabara.

This project will also contribute to helping farmers reclaim their lands and provide job opportunities for the unemployed, especially in these difficult economic conditions that we are going through because of the Zionist measures and because of the Corona, and it will also contribute to protecting the environment and reducing the toxic carbon emissions.

Your solidarity, your support and your cooperation will help all of us to stand up to the onslaught of aggressive Zionist occupation and the Gulf regimes allied with the American-Zionist enemy.

Together on the road to liberation and victory.

Watch a Personal Message from Amal

Amal Wahdan
Sheikh Hassan Foundation for Culture and Science
Al-Bireh, Occupied Palestine

To Plant 1, 2, 5, 10 or 25 trees in Palestine, Click Here

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