People of Sheikh Jarrah confront Israeli settlers

published on Al Mayadeen English, Decmber 8, 2021

Israeli settlers stormed Wednesday the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood and assaulted its residents amid an IOF-imposed lockdown on the neighborhood, Al Mayadeen correspondent reported.

The lockdown came to provide protection for the Israeli settlers, who carried out a provocative march in light of Wednesday’s alleged stabbing operation in occupied al-Quds.

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah confronted the assaults of the Israeli settlers and occupation forces. The neighborhood’s residents took to the streets and protested against the Israeli occupation after the latter extended the detention of Noufouth Hammad, who they claim carried out the alleged stabbing, as well as her sister and father.

The Israeli settlers are provoking the residents of Sheikh Jarrah and “protesting” near their homes with IOF protection, Al Mayadeen‘s correspondent reported.

Our correspondent underscored that 12 families of al-Quds face the risk of displacement from the historic neighborhood.

Residents steadfast in their homes: Muna Al-Kurd

Palestinian activist and Sheikh Jarrah resident Muna Al-Kurd told Al Mayadeen the neighborhood’s residents would remain steadfast in their homes despite the violations of the settlers and the Israeli occupation forces.

The occupation is fabricating charges against us to incite the settlers. This land is ours, and so it will remain,” Al-Kurd told Al Mayadeen. The occupation is “defaming us to divert attention from our cause,” Al-Kurd added.

The occupation is trying to turn the table after losing against our media battle,” the Palestinian activist concluded.

Israeli sources reported Wednesday that a female settler was wounded in an alleged stabbing attack in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of al-Quds, noting that the person who carried out the attack was a female.

The sources added that the woman who carried out the stabbing operation in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied al-Quds fled the scene, pointing out that the stabbed Israeli woman sustained serious injuries.

The Israeli occupation later arrested the woman’s father and sister, our correspondent reported, noting that her family had rejected the occupation’s “settlement” on her home.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested two students, a principal, and a social counselor in Sheikh Jarrah,” our correspondent added, noting that “Sheikh Jarrah is seeing a high level of provocation from the Israeli occupation forces.”

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are habitually subjected to assaults from Israeli settlers living in their neighboring homes after the Israeli occupation confiscated them from Palestinian families over the last few years.

The Palestinian families of the neighborhood rejected on November 3  “settlement offer” from an Israeli court regarding their evacuation in favor of Israeli settlers.

*Featured Image: Israeli settlers march in Sheikh Jarrah under the protection of Israeli Occupation Forces

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