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Recommended videos related to Palestine:

  1. History
    1. Born in Deir Yassin
      1. Arabic and Hebrew with English Subtitles, 1h 3m, Israel, 2017
    2. Jonathan Cook: Palestinian Villages under Israeli Forests
      1. English, 10m, 2021
  2. Views of the Devastation Caused by Israel in Palestine
    1. Amnesty International: Black Friday
      1. English (and Arabic) with English Subtitles, 15m, 2020
    2. Children of Gaza
      1. English (and Arabic) with English Subtitles, 15m, 2010
    3. One Day in Gaza
      1. English (and Arabic) with English Subtitles, 1h, US-PBS, 2019
  3. Interviews and Discussion
    1. Anis Naqqash: How Soleimnani and Mugniyeh helped Palestine
      1. Arabic with English Subtitles, 2m, Al Mayadeen, MEMRI, 2020
    2. RT Arabic: Interview with ODSP Board Member, Jacob Cohen
      1. Arabic, 26m, RT/Cairo, 2020
    3. Aaron Mate/ Gabor Mate: The Misuse of Antisemitism
      1. English, 34m, The Grayzone, US, 2020
    4. The Martyrdom of Gaza: Aaron Mate/Norman Finkelstein
      1. (part1, part2, part3, part4)
      2. English, 30m The Real News, 2018
    5. Palestine and the Axis of Resistance, Leith Marouf and Eva Bartlett
      1. English, 1h, Beirut, 2020
    6. The End of Zionism: Phillip Weiss, Nada Elia and Ali Abunimah

      1. English, 1h 24m, Mondoweiss/Electronic Intifada, 2020
    7. Amal Wahdan: This Land is Coming Back
      1. English, 32m, 2020
    8. Noam Chomsky: Israel and Palestine
      1. English, 1h 30m, Clark University, 2011